Pilates Classes based in Brighton & Hove

Pilates has really popularised in the last few years. Celebrities chat about it constantly and put their svelte physiques down to it. (Side note this is BS. Movement helps but Hello genetics and diet! )

The ‘Pilates body’ hashtag has taken off on Instagram and whilst it is great to see Pilates getting the attention it deserves I can’t help question whether some of it is the right attention.
The thing is Pilates really is for everyone. It doesn’t matter what size, age, gender etc you are. Pilates is accessible to all.

Joseph Pilates founded the method specifically for injured soldiers who were hauled up in bed convalescing. He purposefully developed a method of movement that was low impact that would strengthen and lengthen our muscles in a safe and efficient way.

What I love so much about the method is that even though it is based around 34 core exercises you can adapt, challenge, and change these to suit you and your needs. The principles of Pilates are precision, breath, alignment, control, flow, and concentration which make for a really mindful challenging and varied practice.

Pilates Crouch End

Over the years I have seen the transformative power of Pilates with clients who have experienced chronic pain and injuries go to have major breakthroughs with their bodies and minds.

As Pilates is so low impact it is one of the safest movement practices you could do. 121’s is an incredible way to start your Pilates journey or deepen your practice. A recent client after just one session text me to say her ‘Back had felt the best it had in ages’ and she ‘felt so much more mobile’.

You can find me teaching in my home in Hanover, Brighton or online. It could also be possible for me to come to you too or meet in a local park if you are local to Brighton and Hove.

If you would like to try a group class why not join me at the lovely Studio io which is a fully equipped studio on Queens’s Place in Brighton, a 5-minute walk from Brighton train station. This is a real gem in Brighton as the capacity is 9 so you will have lots of attention to develop your practice.

All bookings can be made via my website www.jwopilates.co.uk

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