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Pilates Frequently asked Questions:

I’m not fit, can I do Pilates?

Yes! Pilates is for everyone and anyone and we all have to start somewhere

Is Pilates dynamic?

It certainly can be! But I like my classes to have a mixture of stretching, strengthing and lengthening. I like to have a flow to my classes and at times there might be some dynamic elements to the practice but I will give you modifications and adaptions if something isn’t quite right for you. 
I have lower/upper/ general back pain, can I do Pilates? And can it help?  
Firstly you should seek to advise from a medical professional. If you are not in the acute injury stage and your Doctor is happy for you to exercise then Pilates can really help. I turned to Pilates when I had a herniated disc and it really helped. If you inform me of your condition I can give you exercises to do. If you are completely new to Pilates and you have an injury, I would recommend a 121 with me first before you join a group class. 
I’m a complete beginner to Pilates, can I still do it? 
Yes, you can! But it might be best that you have a 121 with me first, let’s chat!

I have an injury, can I do it?

Yes, but lets chat so we can decide whether we tailor a plan to you in 121’s or we adapt your group classes to suit you and your injury.

Do I need a mat for your classes?

Only for the one I put on myself at The Quaker House, the others are in studios and are fully equipped

Can you come to me and teach me in my home?

Yes! Let’s chat

Will Pilates help me lose weight?

It absolutely can do, and helped me to lose weight when I first started it but please advise that this is just one of the benefits of Pilates and not the primary one.

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